Automobiles and the mobile web

The impact of the mobile web on the auto industry is profound: buying a car involves going to a dealership and seeing in person the available options, prices, and inventory before making a purchase.

It is believed that the mobile phone has brought the biggest change to used car buying patterns in 50 years. With the information in car guide books going out of date very quickly, the smartphone, with its on-the-go access to the internet and the development of dedicated software, provide the opportunity to find the true market price for a vehicle, allowing buyers and sellers to price a used car correctly.

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Smartphones and car purchases

A recent survey has revealed that an astonishing 25% of iPhone and Android users plans to buy a car within 12 months, and almost 80% of these plan to use their mobile device to search and purchase their used or new car. For auto dealers, it is important to keep in mind that this tech savvy consumer segment has plenty of income and have a high probability of buying a car.

Auto makers haven't ignored this important fact either, with GM, Hyundai and Mercedes (among others) investing heavily in mobile apps.